Top Tips for Keeping Your Shelves Clean

When storing valuable or rare items such as books, one of the most important factors is keeping them clean. Nothing knocks the value of an item down quite so quickly as it looking grubby and tatty.

It can be difficult to know exactly how to keep items clean though, as there are certain cleaning techniques that can actually cause further damage to your items. During our time providing mobile shelving systems, we’ve picked up a number of ways to keep shelves and indeed your items clean. Thankfully we are also pretty benevolent and have put together some of our top tips into a great, safe cleaning process for you that is sure to keep all of your items in tip top condition, no matter how delicate they are.

Mechanically Operated Roller Racking

Empty Shelves

This first step in cleaning shelves ensures that your valuable items are well out of harm’s way, should you accidentally spill your cleaning bucket. If they are to be off the shelves for more than an hour or so it can be beneficial to cover them with a dust sheet to further protect them from damage.

Once your shelves are empty then you are ready to start the cleaning process in earnest and get that pesky dust and grime out.

Start at the Top

Any cleaner worth their salt knows that when cleaning anything at all, it pays to start at the top. By starting at the highest point you ensure that any dust that is removed falls downward and is picked up as you move further down.

It is also worth leaving a couple of minutes between each shelf in order to allow the dust to settle before you move on.

Vacuum First

Removing surface dust with a cloth is possible but it can take an absolute age to get all of the dust off. Using a vacuum cleaner first makes sure that you get the surface dust off before you go on to a deeper cleaning.

You must be careful not to scratch the shelves though, so ensure that you use the soft bristled attachment to avoid scratches. If your items are a little dusty then it helps to give them a once over with the vaccum to ensure that your shelves are totally dust free.

Don’t Use Chemicals

Chemical cleaners can cause serious damage to your shelves and to the items that you subsequently place on them. A warm, damp cloth is the best first step in removing grime and dirt and the mild abrasive surface is surprisingly effective.

For tougher stains it can be tempting to use an off the shelf cleaner but don’t be tempted as these are often chemical laden. A simple homemade stain remover or natural soap will do the same job without the use of chemicals.

Get an Air Purifier

Once these shelves are cleaned thoroughly you will want to make sure that they stay that way for as long as possible. Whilst a regular dusting is a great way to stop dust settling, an air purifier drastically reduces the amount of dust and therefore lessens the need for dusting.

An air purifier that also includes a dehumidifier reduces the amount of water in the air, reducing the risk of damage to items such as books.

Whether it is just one shelf or a warehouse full of them, stick to these 5 simple steps and you can be sure that they will be clean and undamaged.

For more information on our shelving solutions, simply get in contact with us today and our friendly team will be more than happy to help.

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