Tips on How to Boost Your Office’s Efficiency

Offices are extremely busy places and it’s quite easy to get so caught up in your work that you don’t realise how inefficient your office has become.

Searching for those important documents becomes increasingly harder which, in turn makes getting on with your work a task in itself.

As providers of mobile shelving solutions, we know how important having an organised, efficient office space is. It’s time to ditch the clutter and get well on your way to a simpler way of working! Join us as we take a look at some of the actions you can take to ensure that your office remains a well organised environment for you to concentrate in.

Clean Everything Out

The best place to start with an office clean up is to give everything in your space a good clean out. This will show you what space you actually have to work with, and will give you the perfect opportunity to give the areas that you often neglect a good clean.

This also allows you to see what storage space you actually have. Planning where you are going to store your documents and work related items is extremely beneficial for running a well organised office.

De-Clutter Your Desk

Once your office area has been deep cleaned, your desk should be spotless. This is a great opportunity for you to sort through the clutter that had accumulated on your desk previously and determine where it needs to go.

Make sure any paperwork that is still important is filed away correctly so that it can be found again if required. If you don’t have a filing system in your office, we really recommend that you look to investing in one as they are an extremely handy way to store files and documents in an easily accessible manner.

Create Zones on Your Desk.

We’re willing to bet your daily routine is made up of various different tasks. We’re also going to go ahead and guess that not all of these tasks will be undertaken in the same place in your office.

Creating zones in your office that contain all the relevant documents and items for a specific task will greatly improve how efficiently you will be able to perform them. Ensuring that you have everything you need in that one area will cut down the time you spend searching for items that you need, allowing you to get on with your work a lot faster!

Organise your Computer

Cleaning up isn’t restricted to the physical components of your office. If your work is done on a computer, why not extend this clean up to the files that you are saving on your machine.

Rather than relying on the computer’s search feature to find those files that you have been working on, why not organise your files into relevant folders. Keeping all relevant files together allows you to easily access the documents without waiting for your machine to search through every single file on your machine to find it.

Make sure to delete any files that aren’t needed anymore, too. This cleans up space on your computer’s hard drive to make space for more relevant files. This old files can be put on disk and backed up if they really need to be accessed again in the future.

And there we have it! Keeping an organised office space isn’t as hard as it seems and taking steps to make sure it stays efficient will really benefit the amount of work you are able to do.

If you are looking to invest in shelving and storage options for your office space, don’t hesitate to take a look at what shelving options we have available. For more information, be sure to contact us by calling 01444 220 290 today and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help you with your enquiries.

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