Tips for Brightening Your Office

When it comes to providing an effective mobile shelving system, our team are the go to guys. We understand what it takes to create an effective and productive office space, and what little tricks you can do to impact workplace efficiency.

One area which can truly impact office productivity is through brightening up your office space. Brightening your office and making it more personal is a fantastic way to boost workplace morale and have a subsequent effect on output. There are numerous ways to do this without having to break the bank and that can be undertaken with minimal effort.

Add Colour

OK, this may be a little obvious, but adding a splash of colour can really brighten up your workspace. For example, blue is a wonderful colour for not only adding that touch of brightness, but it exudes an air of calmness – which we could all do with more around the office sometimes! Funkier colours can also create somewhat of a livelier atmosphere, which is superb for bouncing ideas around.


Encouraging staff to bring in their career memorabilia – such as certificates, awards and even diplomas – can help to boost an air of professionalism and even up productivity. Another great addition to an office environment can be introducing plants; a study from Texas A&M University concluded that plants can actually up creative performance and workplace productivity by up to a whopping 30%!


Now, you could be forgiven for thinking wearing headphones looks anti-social, but it really isn’t… Whilst it does provide a hint to colleagues that you’d rather not be disturbed, it can help to block out a lot, if not all, of your workplace distractions during tasks that you can’t afford to be being distracted from. Equally, listening to some of your favourite songs does no damage to your morale and can really brighten your day!

Productivity is greater when staff are happier, so through offering some little office brightening techniques, you can really help to get the best out of yourself and your team. Before you can experience the efficiency benefits of the above tips, you’ll require a clean and tidy work area. Clutter can be incredibly demotivating, so through opting for an effective shelving system you can up workplace productivity. Through simply contacting our friendly team, you can grab your workplace an effective and concise mobile shelving system, so get in touch! You can contact us on 01444 220290, where we can help you and your company to experience a whole new level of organisation.

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