Tips For A Germ-Free Office This Winter

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One way that productivity can drop at this time of year is through the onset of those pesky colds and intruding flu. Unfortunately, offices can be somewhat of a breeding ground for illness, with the close-quarter working; particularly with the windows being closed throughout autumn and winter and the heating cranked up to eleven. Well, you’ll be glad to hear of our handy tips that you can utilise to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria around your office, and give you a better chance of spending your time at work germ-free!

Sanitising Gel

You’d be surprised – and probably a little disgusted – with the level of germs you can pick up on your brief foray away from your desk. These sanitising gels help to kill the germs that like to call your hands home. If you are rubbing your hands dry within 15 seconds, you’re doing it wrong; give your hands a full 30 seconds covered in the sanitising gel to be certain that you are definitely saying goodbye to each and every germ.

Sanitising Wipes

Try using heavy-duty sanitising wipes; you can give your desk a thorough cleanse and wipe, helping to tackle the places where your clingy germs try to lurk. If you clean your desk at least once a day, you will reduce the number of places where the bacteria can live, thus reducing the number of germs being spread around your office.

Clean Your Keyboard

As you might be able to imagine, the keyboard of your computer is a huge harbourer of germs and bacteria. According to the results of one particular study, the amount of germs on your keyboard is five times higher than a toilet! Less than 10% of people clean keyboards regularly, which could be a significant contributor to the spread of workplace illness and germs. Use cotton swabs, cleaning solution and compressed air to wipe and blow the dirt from under your keyboard. Your sniffley nose will thank you!

It’s at this time of year colds and flues like to come of out hiding and latch themselves on to just about anyone they can; give your workplace a spruce with antibacterial wipes, gels and liquids to stave off the attack of infection. Workplace illnesses not only affect productivity through absenteeism, but also through feeling run down around the workplace. So give your productivity and immune system a boost and try these handy hints out!

If you find your workplace productivity may also be deficient due to a lack of organisation or organisational tools and systems available, why not contact Mobile Shelving Direct to discuss our services. We can help boost your work’s productivity and organisation no end, so give us a call! You can contact one of our friendly team on 01444 220290, where we are always eager to boost your workplace organisation and productivity!

Until then… let those germs know they have a fight on their hands!

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