Mobile Shelving

Maximise available storage space using a flexible and adaptable Mobile Shelving system.

Offering up to 300% more storage space that traditional static shelving, this high-density shelving gives you more capacity to organise files, archives and stock for your office or retail outlet.

Mobile Shelving and Roller Racking is ideal where space is limited, such as on construction sites, in offices, archive facilities, shops or hospitals. Our movable shelving can be installed in any space – whether it’s a large hospital or a small architect’s office. There’s a solution for everyone.

Our storage systems are very quick to install with minimum disruption to you and they are even easier to use day-to-day. Plus, you can add to it or move it as the storage needs grow within your business.


Mechanically Operated Mobile Shelving

Mechanically Operated Mobile Shelving

The majority of mobile shelving systems supplied are mechanically operated and moved by hand using a rotating hand wheel located at the front face of the storage system. To move the mobile shelving, the operator moves the hand wheel in either direction. By rotating the hand wheel in the required direction, the shelving units are moved along its tracks. Decorative end panels can be fitted to our mobiles to match your specific design and colour requirements.


Electric Powered Mobile Shelving

Electronic Powered Mobile Shelving

Ideal for affordable document, office and general-purpose storage applications. This easy to operate, electrically powered mobile shelving system provides an effortless mobile storage solution. Using simple push-buttons to control to movement the mobile shelving rather than using the conventional mechanically operated rolling shelving. Discrete, low profile controls are factory-installed directly within the shelving end panels to give smooth clean lines.


Hand Operated Rolling Racking

Hand Operated Mobile Shelving

Hand operated mobile systems are probably the simplest of all the mobile shelving systems on offer. Where space is tight, usually 1m – 1.5m out from the wall to a minimum of 3m long, we replace the conventional hand wheel with a sturdy plastic handle. This is used to slide the mobiles apart rather than turning a hand wheel. Being that the mobiles bases are usually only one shelving bay deep, the rolling loads are kept to a minimum. Ideal for offices and schools.

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