Jalema Files with colour coded tabs

Jalema Filing Solutions – Save Valuable Space

The Jalema filing system provides solutions (even customized ones) to storage issues in large or small companies, institutions and government bodies. These are always based on the space-saving and time-saving one-point suspension system for files and folders. Jalema is market leader in filing and information systems and have a storage solution for virtually any market sector where files, documents and wallets are needed to be stored efficiently. The Jalema clip is at the heart of every jalema file, a unique, attachement mechanism and one of the most effective office organisers.  Its clever construction will allow you to leaf through your files like a book and copies can be made easily without having to remove any documents. The Jalema clip will help you save valuable space, time and money.


 Rotary Filing Systems from Shelf Space Limited

Rotary Storage Systems

Reduce retrieval times by up to 50%: Offering far more efficient storage than traditional filing cabinets, the rotary filing units will also aid workforce efficiencies as retrieval times can be reduced by up to 50%

Flexibility and Security:Each rotating bay can be locked for maximum security either locked open, or locked closed. A range of rotary filing systems are available to either replace or complement your filing system. The Rotary storage unit is available in several heights from low level for open plan environments to 2.35 metres high to be installed against a wall or as a room divider. The Rotary Storage cabinets holds the equivalent capacity of 5 x 4 drawer filing cabinets and only utilises 1 square metre of floor space!  Rotary storage units can be installed quickly and easily with a minimum of fuss, no drilling, dust or fixing. These units are 100% relocatable thus minimising its environmental impact.

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