Productively Jazz Up Your Office Space

Productivity and organisation in the workplace are everything. At Shelf Space, everything from our electric powered mobile shelving to our high density mobile shelving helps to create a cleaner work environment, which ultimately leads to an improved level of organisation. There are of course other tips which you can utilise in your office space to help boost you and your workers’ productivity, and they don’t all have to revolve around shelving.

Dry Erase Wall

Utilising a dry erase wall in your office means singling out one of your walls for scrawling ideas on. This can be in the form of a large white board or be created by using specialist paint to turn a whole wall into a white/chalkboard. Through doing so, you are creating a cheap and easy to use ever-growing notepad which can be easily viewed by everyone in your office. Not only that, the ideas can be easily developed and interacted with, which helps to act as a breeding ground of ideas.

Portable Items

Sometimes you need to discuss ideas with a colleague – let’s face it, it’s one of the best ways for getting the ball rolling on a potentially great idea. In such situations you will be ruing not investing in a tablet, portable keyboard, mouse or a particular app, so make sure you have everything on hand to be able to equip yourself for when you’re  on your office-travels. If nothing else, sometimes productivity breeds on a change of scenery, even if it is only a few desks away.

Suitable Desk

It’s easy to fall into the idea that the design of a desk is standard and that there is very little you can do with it… wrong! You spend so much time at your desk that is a shame to think that you are limiting yourself to just tolerating a dull work station. Not only that, whatever works for you works for you… so if you need a desk that consists of a dry-wipe top; get it! There’s no right or wrong. Just don’t fall into the trap that a normal desk will definitely suit your needs, you may be seriously limiting your productivity!

Give a little thought into your office design to ensure that you are getting the most out of it… and, of course, yourself! A well-design, ergonomic and tidy office and workspace are the ultimates for helping to breed productivity, so make sure you consider how you and your office can be benefitting from such slight tszujing up.

With all these new ideas floating around in your head, don’t forget the basics, such as keeping your workspace tidy. There is little substitution for improved efficiency and productivity than a tidy office. If you feel like your office could benefit from a reliable shelving system, then that’s where our team come in, so get in touch! You can contact our friendly shelving specialists on 01444 220290, where we are always eager to help you give your office a lift.

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