How to Organise Your Stock

Whether you work in an office or a warehouse, keeping your items organised is vital in order to maintain efficiency and productivity, as well as making sure that all work is completed without being forgotten about.

At Shelf Space, we know that our mobile shelving systems will help you to improve your workplace organisation, and here we will help you to organise your stock in a way that is safe, productive and organised.

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Organising stock and files alphabetically is one of the most logical ways you can organise your stock. This means that your employees will only have to consider the name of the item, file or client in order to find what they need and they will be able to get back to work that much sooner.

If your items are arranged alphabetically and displayed on a shelf, it is a good idea to label these locations with the corresponding letter and place clear divides between them. This will make your organisation system much more clear and prevent files or items being put back in the wrong place.

Time Sensitively

If you work in an environment that deals with a lot of time-sensitive tasks, it can be a good idea to arrange your items, files and paperwork with regard to how soon they need to be completed, moved or dispatched.

This method can be easily adapted throughout the workplace; on desks, in filing cabinets and on shelves. As well as using a labelling system, you may also want to use a colour coding system that can clearly indicate when tasks need to be completed. Many companies use a traffic light system when implementing this method, which works like this:

  • Red = High Priority – task must be completed urgently
  • Amber = Medium Priority – task is important, and must be completed as soon as possible
  • Green = Low Priority – task can be completed following all higher priorities

Usage Defined

For areas such as stationery cupboards and warehouse floors, it makes sense to organise certain items according to what they are used for. For example, you can keep pens and pencils with paper, pads and other stationary together, as people often require these items at the same time.

As will other organisation methods, you should consider implementing a clear labelling system to make it clear how items have been organised so that your employees will know how to find what they are looking for and return any items they use to the right place.


By organising your workplace according to one or a combination of these methods, you can promote a more organised and productive working atmosphere. One of the most effective ways to organise your premises is to input purpose-built shelving, at here at Shelf Space, we can help you to do just that. For more information, contact us today on 01444 220290.

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