Getting the Best Use out of a Smaller Office!

When you have limited room in your office, it can seem difficult to come up with design ideas that make the space seem bigger and help you to use it in the most productive way possible. From aesthetic choices that will help the room feel less cluttered, to storage solutions that allow you to make room for everything you need, here are some tips for getting the best use out of smaller offices:

Bold, Bright and Beautiful

When it’s time to decorate, get colourful – there’s no better way to inject some energy into the room, and make it feel open and inviting. Use white as your base colour to free up the space, but then make sure that you’re also incorporating some bright splashes of colours, whether with your furniture, some art work, or even  a couple of colourful walls. Blue and green should be shades of choice, as they have also been found to improve office productivity – that’s twice as much impact for your efforts!

Let Your Walls do Some of the Work

If you think that walls aren’t good for much besides actually holding up your building then you need to think again, as when used creatively they can become the solution to almost all of your storage dilemmas. By fixing pockets for files directly to the walls of your business, you can clear some clutter off the desks and let the room breathe a little. Hooks, bulletin boards and shelving are all simple options that help you to free up space in the centre of the room, and a sturdy shelf can even be used to get essential items like printers away from the desks.

File Away that Clutter

Piles of papers spread across the room make for an oppressive atmosphere – hardly the way to inspire effort and enthusiasm. By making use of a dedicated and efficient filing system, you can leave your employees with space to spread their wings and get more work done.

Let in Some (LED) Light

LED lights are fantastic for lighting up a room in a way which feels natural and avoids casting dark shadows into the corners. If floor space is an issue then you can ditch the standing lamps and use LED desk lamps instead.

We want to help you out in every way we can, and with everything from rotary storage systems to mobile shelving units available you can count on us to provide a storage solution that helps you maximise your space. Contact us at 01444 220290 for more information – a member of experienced team can help you decide on the best option for your business.

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