Can you dismantle / remove / dispose of my existing mobile shelving?

Using our UK wide installation team at Shelf Space are happy to dismantle any manufacturers’ mobile shelving system.

Our fully trained installers can dismantle your mobile storage systems and if at all possible we are able to re-install either within the same building or, if in another geographical location, we can rebuild the mobile system and make modifications. However, there are occasions, especially where the system is old and spares are not manufactured anymore, we would not be able to rebuild the system if it requires alteration.

Usually if take down and disposal is required, Shelf Space would be happy to dismantle but disposal would be required from others.


Can you supply pre-owned mobile shelving?

As mobile shelving systems are manufactured as a bespoke product to match the each clients specific individual needs, these systems don’t generally have any second hand value.


Will I need to service / inspect my new mobile shelving?

All mobile shelving systems should be Inspected every 12 months to confirm they are working safely and efficiently and comply with PUWER (Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations) regulations.

In order to comply with PUWER regulations, our specially trained engineers will visit your premises and test your storage equipment to ensure it is working correctly and being used safely. As part of the Inspection our engineers will provide a written report detailing the current states of your mobile shelving system.

The PUWER report will outline any area in need of repair of adjustment. Shelf Space will then offer a competitive quotation to undertake any repairs the report has highlighted.


How do you calculate how much storage I need?

Shelf Space offer a FREE no obligation consultation to discuss your precise storage needs.

We have many years experience in providing all types of mobile shelving systems including conventional roller racking, sliding racking, move-a-side shelving, powered mobile shelving and many more. Let us use our knowledge and experience to help you find the most efficient storage system to match your operational needs and space saving requirements.

Call us today to arrange for one of our sales team to visit you and undertake a detailed site survey and discuss with you your exact requirements. We will then produce a detailed quotation backed up with a drawing. We work with most of the major manufacturers of mobile storage so we feel we can provide you with very competitive prices backed up with the best of customer service.


Do you provide training?

With all of our installations, we provide operator training on how to use the storage system safely and efficiently. This is most important when we supply a mobile shelving system into a client’s facility.

Operator training is needed and we take the time to explain fully how the system should be used and the dos and don’ts when operating roller racking. Each system will contain a user operating notice as well as a load notice providing the load capacity of each shelf and within the system.


What safety regs need to be met?

Shelf Space work within a framework provided by SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) and FEM 10.2.02 of practice.

These detail the design, installation and operating parameters for both the mobile shelving distributors and the operators of the equipment. All our sales team are fully trained in the mobile shelving systems they sell and our installers are all SIERs trained to provide a safe and pragmatic approach to your roller racking installation.


Is Planning Permission or Building Regs required?

Planning Permission and Building Regs are not generally needed when looking to install a mobile shelving system within the UK.

If moving shelving is required to be located upon a new mezzanine floor, then the proposed floor would need to be strengthened to take the loads and deflections imposed by the mobile shelving and the mezzanine floor would need to meet the latest Building Regs.


What additional items can you supply?

Shelf Space offer a comprehensive range of warehouse and storage equipment. We have experience in supply many types of additional equipment over and above conventional mobile shelving, these include conveyor systems, goods lifts, mezzanine floors, pedestrian & forklift barriers, partitioning systems, ceilings, electrics and much more.

We can offer you the complete package from start to finish. Call us now for a FREE no obligation site visit to discuss your specific storage needs.


Will I need to pay for an initial audit / review?

Shelf Space offer a FREE no obligation quotation or storage review for mobile shelving. One of our trained sales team will visit you and undertake a detailed site survey of your existing facility or maybe a new building you are considering purchasing / renting and need advice on the best way to store your archive documents or files.

Let us use our knowledge and experience to provide you with a detailed quotation and the most cost effective storage solution that maximises the available floor space.


Can you do mobile shelving in custom colours?

Mobile shelving colours can be matched to your specific requirements. If you need to match a corporate colour then we can help.

Provide us with a RAL colour and we can get the shelving frames and shelves finished to match your choice. The end panels of the mobile shelving can be furnished with laminate panels with either painted, wood finish or even images. Gone are the days that roller racking looks industrial, we can soften the look to a more corporate look. Just ask, we are here to help.


How do you bill for products and services?

Payment terms are based on individual circumstances and industry sector.

Some Government bodies, Educational facilities and NHS customers will be offered credit terms based on an agreeable credit check. Others will be asked to provide a deposit payment with their order and balance payments depending on the size of the project and duration.


Do you offer finance?

As not every customer wants to pay upfront for our products and services and possibly wants to spread the cost of our high-density storage systems, we are able to offer finance through a registered FCA finance provider.

We work with you to establish exactly what mobile shelving system you need and produce a quotation. Then this is passed to a finance company who will provide you a finance agreement based on your credit status and payment requirements. This could be in the form of leasing, renting or HP arrangement.


What guarantees and warranties do you offer?

All our mobile shelving products come with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.

Any issues arising from a manufacturing failure of the roller racking will be covered by our manufacturer. Any issues resulting from misuse or damage will not be covered but Shelf Space would be on hand to offer advice and assistance if repairs are needed.


Do you supply suitable storage systems for cold storage / temp controlled environments?

Our high-density storage systems are not generally supplied into cold stores freezers but this doesn’t mean we can’t design a mobile shelving system to match your requirements. Because each system is bespoke, we can design a system to work in the environment you want to create.


Are we able to install / fit ourselves?

To qualify for the manufactures 12 months warranty and to insure correct fitting of our complex storage systems, we only recommend using a fully trained team for the installation of your mobile shelving.

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