3 Re-Organisation Tips for Your Office this Autumn

At Mobile Shelving Direct we love being able to offer an array of solutions to give your office that extra level of organisation. This can be in the form of anything from our mobile shelving systems to our advice and tiptop tip-filled blog.

When it comes to autumn there are all sorts of things that you may not have even considered that can affect your organisation. With organisation being sort of our ‘thing’, we want to provide you with some handy hints that can help prevent some of the office-based-annoyances that can rear their head at this time of year!

Prevent Cabin Fever

This may seem a little unusual, but cabin fever is a thing… it can serve to impact morale as well as the overall office productivity if not properly dealt with. Many people can begin to feel trapped at this time of year, with waking up when its dark and going home when its dark, and generally feeling like they’re stuck in the same place; so why not re-organise the desks and other open areas, it can even serve to open up extra channels of communication, as well as boosting productivity.

Rotate Office Furniture

Through rotating your furniture on a fairly regular basis, not only do you serve to regenerate your office environment, but you can actually also help to reduce the amount of dust settling. Couple this with a change of an office air-con filter and you’re looking at a much fresher work environment that helps to promote a fresh office atmosphere. No one likes working in a musty work environment, do they?

Organise Your Desktop

Ok, this isn’t specific to autumn, but there’s no time like the present… we’re all guilty of it, allowing our computers to become an untidy mess. Well, why not encourage your staff to set some time aside and sort out their desktop; you’ve heard of Spring Cleaning, well consider this an Autumn Clean. Not only will it re-familiarise your staff with where some of their long-lost files may be, but if you create a company standard then it will make finding work much easier when they are off or absent. When it comes to organisation, there are likely to be few things that are used more than a computer in your office environment, so give it a tidy!

Organisation is absolutely key to the efficient and productive conducting of business in your workplace. Even the smallest change can have a massive impact on the overall output and morale of your staff. Once you’ve gone through the effort of undertaking an organisational change or duty, remember to keep on top of it. It’s all too easy to slip back into your old and unorganised ways, so be vigilant!

If you and your office are in need of a super-shelving system to help with your autumnal organisation, then don’t hesitate to get in touch! Our team are here to help find the perfect shelving system for you, so contact us on 01444 220290 where we are always eager to lend an organisational hand.

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