3 Benefits of Work Benches


Providing you with quality mobile shelving units is what we excel at, though it’s not the only thing we can provide. We aim to make every workplace as efficient and productive as possible; believe it or not work benches are also essential parts of many workplaces.


A Work Bench for Life

Work benches, particularly for the industrial workplace, are designed to be very hard wearing and long lasting. A work bench  isn’t a one month deal, choosing the correct workbench for you is a lifetime commitment. No matter how many projects you undertake, your work bench will be by your side throughout the years.



It’s an Adaptable Asset to the Workplace

Work benches are suitable for any room. Their shape and size ensures you’re able to fit them out of the way of your efficient, organised shelving unit, into the far corner of your warehouse. Their straight edged shape allow you to fit more than one into a room with ease. What’s more, the task of your work bench can change depending on what you need it for such as a manual labour area, a lunch table, or a desk!



Offering the Perfect Working Height

There’s been much debate over the years about the height of a standing desk in the office and, though your work bench is better suited to its warehouse environment, the height of your work bench is just as important. Studies show that standing at a desk instead of sitting at one improves employee productivity and efficiency. Your work bench may be scattered with tools and wrapping but standing at your work bench instead of sitting is just as productive.

That’s why it’s important to check the height of your work bench before you invest your hard earned money.



Here at Mobile Shelving Direct, we like to make sure all of our customers receive the very best products at the very best prices. From safety steps to plastic containers and much more, we have everything you need for an efficient, productive warehouse. To find out more about our other services, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01444 220290 today.


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